Anthony M. Moore

Gallia County Sheriff Matt Champlin and Gallia County Prosecuting Attorney Jason Holdren have announced that Anthony M. Moore, age 40, who was reported by both offices as a fugitive at large on June 16, 2017, has been taken into custody.

Prosecuting Attorney Jason Holdren states “We have asked the citizens of Gallia County to help us in our efforts since the first of the year. Again, you the citizens, have come through and provided tips on the whereabouts of Mr. Moore and assisted in his capture.”

In addition, Sheriff Champlin states “in just a little over twenty four hours after we issued a request to the public asking for help locating Mr. Moore, our citizens came through for us. I am proud of the teamwork between the Gallia County Sheriff’s Office and the citizens we serve. I believe the criminals are beginning to see that the people of Gallia County have had enough and we will stand together to solve our crime problems.”