Do it for James foundation speaks to Gallia County high school students on the dangers of Sextortion.

Just five short months ago, Timothy and Tamia Woods faced their biggest fear and greatest heartbreak. Their only child, seventeen-year-old James Timothy Woods, was gone. Predators took hold of James through direct messaging on social media outlets and in the span of nineteen and a half hours, they had exchanged sexually explicit photos, blackmailed him into sending them money, lead him to believe that his life did not matter, and were mentally abusing him until he believed there was no way out other than to end his life.

Tamia and Timothy Woods travelled to Gallia County this week to speak with parents and high school students about the dangers of sextortion. Though nothing can be done to bring back their son, their mission through their Do It For James Foundation, is to “work with communities to increase awareness, provide support and education to both parents and children on crime against students, while also supplying a wide range of assistance for those in need.” Sherriff Matt Champlin had the privilege of hearing the Woods family speak about their son’s tragedy earlier this year, and upon sharing with Gallia County Prosecuting Attorney, Jason Holdren, both felt strongly compelled to have the Woods family share their story with the citizens of Gallia County. “One of our primary functions, not only as public officials but as parents ourselves, is to educate and protect our children. I am saddened by the fact that we must engage our youth with these conversations and I’m even more saddened that the Woods family has this testimony to share, but these conversations are necessary for the safety of our kids”, stated Sheriff Champlin.

James was a model student, athlete, friend, neighbor, and the best son Tamia and Timothy could have asked for. He was responsible, uplifting, charismatic, and full-spirited; looking forward to life in college where he could spread his wings and achieve his goals. James had the world at his fingertips and in an instant, the world was ripped away from him through the senseless act of sextortion. “Sextortion is a very real, very scary issue that is facing our children today. Both parents and students need to be educated on the dangers and how to handle this situation if faced with it. It’s disheartening that Timothy and Tamia Woods had to endure this horrific tragedy, but we are incredibly fortunate to have them share their testimony and shed light on this issue, so that the youth of this county can be better protected and parents can be educated on the many dangers facing their children in today’s society”, stated Prosecuting Attorney Jason Holdren.

The Woods family experienced an unthinkable tragedy in the loss of their child, James Woods, yet they carry on with strength and a mission to make sure that this doesn’t happen to another family. They continue to fight for justice for James and hope that by sharing his story, they can make an impact on ending Sextortion for good.