James E. Phoenix, age 47, of Vinton, Ohio, was convicted today in the Gallia County Common Pleas Court of Having Weapons While Under Disability and Complicity to Discharging a Firearm on or Near a Prohibited Premises, both felonies of the third degree. As a convicted felon for a previous offense of violence, Phoenix is under a legal disability and therefore cannot acquire, have, carry, or use a firearm.

Phoenix’s case was scheduled today for jury trial. After a jury was selected, but before opening statements, Phoenix withdrew his “not guilty” pleas, and entered pleas to both charges contained in the indictment.

The State of Ohio was represented by Jason Holdren, Prosecuting Attorney; Jeremy Fisher, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney; and Sergeant Seth Argabright of the Gallia County Sheriff’s Office.

Phoenix faces up to 6 years in prison and will be sentenced by Visiting Judge L. Alan Goldsberry on May 8, 2024. The State of Ohio will be seeking a maximum sentence.